We understand personal injury and the legal process!

Providing value to your clients and your law firm.

Value To Your Clients

Canyon Medical Billing is a finance company focused on healthcare. We finance Lien/LOP accounts for medical providers who treat injured patients involved in Personal Injury cases. The company has over a decade of industry experience in working with providers to give the attorneys and the clients the comfort of knowing that Canyon will be there at the time of treatment as well as settlement. Canyon helps to ensure that your uninsured & under insured clients don’t have to come out of pocket when receiving the medical care they need and deserve. We accomplish this through funding personal injury Lien/LOP accounts so providers can treat these patients while overcoming the economic challenges associated with the delay in payment until case settlement. Canyon finances board certified medical providers and top notch medical facilities across multiple specialties.

Value To Your Firm

Canyon’s account managers are focused on customer service. We understand that not all cases have the outcome we expect and will work with your firm at the end of cases when needed.

Using Technology to service your needs is a priority for the future! At Canyon, we know that efficiencies lead to better business and stronger relationships. Therefore, we use MoveDocs to keep you up-to-date on your client’s records, bills and status.

Technology Driven Underwriting and Servicing Departments

We understand that time is money and underwriting and servicing the accounts receivable is a time consuming process. Canyon Medical Billing has a cloud-based platform that is able to underwrite and service your client’s accounts resulting in a stream line process for their medical providers. Our web-based technology requires no software deployment on-premise and serves as a fully HIPAA compliant document repository. Thus, eliminating the untimely delays and minimizing the manual effort and costs often experienced with health insurance approval processes and other lien funding companies.

Ultimately, you and your clients benefit!


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